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Rob Krawczyk Recipes from Eurotoque Demonstration

On Wednesday 19th August in the beautiful surrounds of Killenure Castle, Co Tipperary home to the Dexter Beef Herd, La Rousse Fine Foods will host a Eurotoque Demonstration based on this wonderful meat.

As part of this event our very own Head Chef Rob Krawczyk will do a demonstration on his way to spice beef using a dry rub and to dry curing bacon, all of which can be simply done at home.    Along with this Rob will speak of brining which is the wet option of curing and can be used on many different meats and fish, scallops in particular  takes very well to brining and reaps delicious results.

Quite the expert in this field, Rob is the son of well-known  charcuterie producer Frank Krawczyk, so he learned from the best growing up in Schull, Co Cork, where Frank is an important figure  in the West Cork Slow Food movement. 

Below are the recipes which Rob will be demonstrating to his peers in Eurotoques and to relative food producers.

Traditional Bacon Recipes

There is nothing more comforting than a lovely crisp slice of bacon.  Rob recommends, simply panfrying  a slice of the bacon, to bring out the flavours and serve with fermented cabbage (sauerkraut)  and a scoop of smooth mash potato, completes a completely satisfying dish.  Clean plates guaranteed.  The acidity of the fermented cabbage acts as a great neutraliser to the fat content in the bacon.  A simple fermented cabbage recipe is to take a head of cabbage (we pick ours from the walled garden here at Tankardstown when available), and a handful of salt, leave to ferment in a warm place.  This can be done at the same time as the bacon as it will take up to 2 weeks and regular mixing is required.


For every kilo of Pork Belly:
23 grams of salt
4 grams of pepper
1 gram of sugar
one bay leaf



Mix all of the ingredients together and , rub well into the pork.  Once complete store in an airtight container for at two weeks, turning the meat occasionally. 


Spiced Beef


For every kilo of Beef:
40 grams of salt
10 grams of brown sugar
3 grams of pepper
2 grams of star ainse
2 grams of cloves
1 garlic clove


Blitz all of the ingredients in a thermal mix. Roll your beef in your cure mix. Place in a container for ten days, turning the meat occasionally.


To cook in a tempreture controlled water bath, at 62 degrees per kilo weight for approximately 45 minutes for medium cooked.


Basic Brine Recipe

Both of the above recipes demonstrate the use of dry rub for flavour.    In contrast the following option, Brining  Similar to marination, ensures that the meat retains plenty of moisture and enhances the flavours of meats and seafood without curing.


1 litre of water
50 grams of salt
20 grams of sugar


Whisk all together until sugar and salt are disolved. Place your meat in the brine, making sure the brine is at fridge temperture. Depending on the size of the meat for example Pork belly, leave it for 24 hours.


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